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“I Am Not A Street Girl. He Is Someone I Dated For 7 Months”- Princess Tamara Okpewho Explains How Her Sex Video With Pastor Chris Kevwe Omatsola Was Leaked.

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For some days now, the sex tape of a young woman, Princess Tamara Okpewho and a pastor, Chris Kevwe Omatsola has been trending on social media platforms with questions on who leaked the video.

While some people claimed that it was leaked by a phone repairer, Princess has come out to say the pastor was responsible for its circulation.

Princess met Omatsola, the founder and presiding pastor of Zionwealth of Life Assembly in Lagos, and they started dating in February 2018. Because she loved him and he also promised to marry her, Princess was ready to do anything for him, including recording videos and taking pictures of them having sex.

According to her, everything was fine until Omatsola started beating her and whenever she left; he always went back begging for her forgiveness. Princess always took him back, but when she couldn’t take the abuse anymore; she decided to leave the relationship.

Omatsola soon resorted to threatening to release their sex tape if Princess doesn’t come back to him. When Omatsola was confronted by Princess’s family friend about his threats, he said he was only trying to win Princess back.

Shockingly, on that same day, the sex tape was released and it went viral in a matter of minutes. When Princess confronted him, he told her it was to get her back since no man would consider her again with her sex tape on the internet.

“I love him so much. I was ready to do anything for him,” Princess tells BBCPidgin, as she sobs.

“When he was arrested, he confessed to the crime of leaking the video because he was angry with me that I didn’t go back to him. I am very hurt because I set plans for myself this year. I am not a street girl. He’s someone I dated for 7 months. It is very heartbreaking that I am in this position all because of love” Princess explained.

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