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Celebrity Ronaldinho Passport Seized for owing £1.75m.

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Ronaldinho, celebrity Brazilian footballer’s passport has been seized by court order to prevent the footballer from flying, Over owing his bank the sum of £1.75million while he has just £5 in his bank account.

A judge in Brazil has ordered football icon, Ronaldinho‘s international passport seized in a bid to ensure he doesn’t flee the country after it was gathered that he has just £5 in his bank account despite owing a massive £1.75million.

According to TheSun, the Brazil legend, 38, was fined heavily for illegal construction in a protected area in his home country, along with his brother, Roberto Assis

However, despite remortgaging the property, Ronaldinho is said to be unable to pay his debt due to the sky-high interest rate and reports in Spain now claim he has just £5.24 left in his bank account.

In reaction to this, some internet users have claimed that the icon, in a bid not to pay the fine, cleared all his money so he can fake being bankrupt.


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