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VIDEO: Young Nigerian Man Battles For His Life After Suspected Drug Overdose.

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A Twitter user identified as Officialericjr1 has posted a video of a young man in his twenties having a seizure due to the excess intake of banned substances as his friends are seen hitting and pouring water on him to regain his consciousness.

The poster who shared the video did so in a bid to encourage Nigerian youths to shun drug abuse which is on an all-time high in the society.

Today, the usage of drugs is growing at an alarming rate, especially among young adults under the age of 30 who tend to use drugs to pleasure their brain while some are due to peer pleasure.

There are over 190 million drug users around the world who constantly abuse substances ranging from Cocaine to Tramadol, Codeine, Meth, Cannabis, Heroin among others.

Governments and NGOs daily carry out campaigns aimed at sensitizing drug users, especially young people to discontinue the horrible habit which is a danger to their physical and mental health.


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