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VIDEO: Man Tries To Drag Girlfriend Home After Seeing Her With Another Guy.

A lady was humiliated by her boyfriend in public after their disagreement.

According to a Facebook user who posted the trending video online, it was gathered that the lady’s boyfriend who suspected her of cheating on him, met her while returning from an outing with another man and decided to stamp his authority as the man in charge by dragging her home.

In the viral videos posted online, the lady can be seen arguing with her boyfriend on the road before he provokingly decided to drag her home after her refusal.

He collected the phone she was holding and dropped it on the floor to enable him carry her home – all to no avail.

The lady later sat on the ground as she shouted she’s not going anywhere and that the boyfriend should leave her alone.
While the drama was going on, the other guy (who was holding the lady’s bag), tried to calm the situation down as other passersby looked on and did nothing. Watch the trending videos below;

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