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Three Islamic clerics arrested for murder.

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When a yet-to-be-identified person invited a 23-year old man, Mr Muhammed Fatiu Olaimo, to Ibadan about two weeks ago, he never knew that it was a call that would send him to his early grave. Perhaps, if he had been warned like Artemidorus advised Julius Caesar in one of Shakespeare’s books, against going to Capitol, he would have been alive today, hale and hearty.

Fatiu, who was full of life, three days earlier, was cold, naked, bloated and lifeless with strings tied to his two upper arms when his remains were found. His death still remained a mystery until the Oyo State police command unravelled it. The deceased was said to have been invited to Ibadan from his residence at Agege in Lagos by an Islamic cleric only to disappear a day after his arrival. However, after three days, three Islamic clerics including the man, who invited Fatiu were said to have reported at Ojoo police station, Ibadan that they had found his corpse at a river bank at Apete in Ido Local Council of Oyo State.

Two of the suspects identified as Alfa Abdulahi Samori and Alhaji Shuaibu Haliq Shaqofi are now in police custody over the sudden death of the man. Sensing foul play, the police arrested and detained the three men when they couldn’t convince the police who posed some questions to them. Speaking on the death of his son, Alhaji AbdulFatai Olaimo said, “it was on Saturday that one investigating police officer called me that three men just reported at the station that they had discovered the corpse or my son at a river bank.”

The father of the deceased said the police said the suspects claimed they did not know the parent of the dead man. The President of Soludero Hunters Association of Nigeria, Oba Nureni Ajijola Idris Anabi, said he suspected that the suspects should know what led to the death of the man. According to him, so many people have been kidnapped in similar manner and used for rituals. Oba Ajijola Anabi said one of the detained suspects, allegedly told the police to release him that he had to use some concoction to bathe at midnight. While calling on the Inspector General of Police, and the Commissioner of Police to help unravel the mystery surrounding the death of the innocent man, Oba Ajibola said: “The claim of the three men arrested and detained by the police is suspicious. They claimed the corpse was pulled out of the river. But, if you look at the deceased body, their claims are contradicted.”

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