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Shocking Thing Burglar Did After Breaking Into Pretty Lady’s Home.

Shocking thing burglar did after breaking into pretty lady's home lailasnews 3
A burglar was caught by cops wearing a mini-skirt and pink thong from the home he had just raided.

The suspect identified as Joe Vincent, 33, broke into the flat, leaving messages on a window in lipstick and poured oil on the floor.

He then dressed in a peach-coloured thong and black and cream mini skirt belonging to law firm worker Daisy Cook, 22.

She returned home to find the thug brandishing one of her kitchen knives and shouting: “Daisy, I am your cousin and want you to leave him.”

Daisy and her boyfriend wrestled with the mohawked raider, who then fled.

When police later tracked him down he was still wearing the thong and skirt under his clothes.

Peter Gair, prosecuting, told Ipswich Crown Court:

“The occupant had been out drinking with friends and returned home at about 10am.

“She walked through a communal area to the entrance to her flat and she could hear someone inside saying ‘Daisy, I am your cousin and want you to leave him’.

“This defendant opened the door and was holding a black handled serrated kitchen knife taken from her kitchen.”
Vincent ran upstairs followed by the pretty brunette who watched on in horror as he grabbed a bottle of bleach.

“She was screaming for him to get out of the flat. He ran downstairs and out of the front-door and got away,” Mr Gair added.

“The property was ransacked and there were some unusual statements written in lipstick referring to Daisy.”

Vincent – high on LSD, heroin, amphetamines and cannabis – bizarrely added his name to Miss Cook’s tenancy agreement despite not knowing her.

He fled back to his home, but cops were called after he failed to pay for a £60 taxi journey.

Vincent, of Ipswich, Suffolk, admitting burglary and was jailed for just 18 months on Monday.
             Shocking thing burglar did after breaking into pretty lady's home lailasnews
Judge John Devaux sentenced him to three months, concurrently, for doing a runner from the taxi.

He said the actions had been “aggravated” by the drink and drugs and Vincent carrying the knife.

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