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Company Staff Forced To Parade The Streets Half Naked After ‘Failing To Reach Sales Targets’

A group of employees in south-east China have been publicly shamed by their boss for failing to meet their sales targets.

Bizarre footage has emerged showing 30 male workers stripped down to their boxers and parading around the streets of Jiangmen city on October 1, much to the surprise of nearby residents.

They were sales associates of a gym and had failed to reach the expected profit, according to Chinese media. Thirty workers forced to walk in only underwear after poor sales.

The scantily clad men were forced to do the walk of shame for failing to meet their sales quotas, according to video news site Pear.

Dressed only in their underwear, the embarrassed men were filmed briskly walking in a straight line on the street.

‘I gladly accept the punishment handed to me by the company,’ a person identified as the gym’s manager told Pear.

‘Our female staff do not need to do the walk of shame – they are required to do push-ups as punishment instead,’ he added. ‘It’s a good challenge for us, I think.’

A former employee at the gym told Pear that sometimes staff would have 200 yuan (£22) deducted from their salary for failing to meet sales targets, while workers would have 500 yuan (£55) deducted for being late to work.

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