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Young Nigerian Immigrant Offered A Job After Preventing A Robbery In Italy.

A Nigerian migrant identified as Osahon Ewansiha, who arrived in Turin, Italy a few months ago, has been offered a job by Prestofresco, after he stopped a robbery attack at the store on June 30, 2018.

According to a report by, the young man who was laways seen begging outside the store, was there on June 30 when an armed robber broke in.

He didn’t think twice about stopping the robbery and protecting a cashier who had been hit by the robber.

While speaking on the incident, he said: “I just did what’s normal. This woman needed assistance, so I assisted her.”

Domenica Lauro, the owner of the supermarket, who was impressed by his bold gesture and honesty, decided to reward him with an opportunity: a 3-year paid apprenticeship.

He is now the only Nigerian employee among 70 Italians. “My future starts today," Osahon said after resuming work.

“I didn’t think my gesture would get me here. It’s changed my life,” he added.

It was gathered that Osahon reportedly crossed the Mediterranean and arrived in Italy in 2015. After receiving a permesso di soggiorno on humanitarian grounds in Cosenza, he moved to Turin in search of a new future, which he found. 


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