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Woman Pulls Out Her Menstrual Pad, Slaps Another Woman Across The Face With It.

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A woman reached into her underwear and pulled out her menstrual pad with which she slapped her opponent across the face during a fight.

The fight, which broke out on Wednesday somewhere in Miami, reportedly started from social media.
The women exchanged words on social media and one of them decided to take it to the streets, so she pulled up to her opponent’s neighborhood for a physical confrontation.

In the process, one of the women reached into her denim cut-off jeans and struggles for a while to remove the winged pad. People held her back and tried to stop her from going ahead with it but she refused.

“Misha, don’t you do it,” voices can be heard saying while one woman went to her to hold her but she was past caring.

Misha finally succeeded in getting the pad off and she walked to her opponent and slapped her across the face with it several times.

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