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Robert Mugabe Still In Shock After Strange Snake Emerged From Beneath the Carpet While Giving Funeral Speech.

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As Mugabe was addressing mourners at his mother in law Idah Marufu’s funeral in Chikomba yesterday, a snake emerged from beneath the carpet near the coffin forcing mourners to flee for their lives in different directions.

But the former leader remained calm with his son-in-law Simba Chikore and close aides standing near him while other men tried to kill the reptile.

Some mourners screamed as they ran away from the tent at the graveside.

After the snake was killed, Mugabe told mourners it was victory against the devil.

“In the Bible we are taught that a snake comes from God and it represents Satan,” he said.

“Satan has been killed here. It wanted to disturb our programme, so we say, down with you Satan, down with you snake.

“This is how the evil is destroyed in the same manner the snake was killed here.”

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