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200l Student Of Michael Okpara University Commits Suicide.

As Shared by an online user:

Liitle Wonder

Life is filled with a lot of things.. Things happen, sad news everywhere.. But this is the height of it..

Luscious as I fondly call you... Am filled with tears and heartbroken.... I can't even believe I would be writing this anytime soon���

You were so nice to me, you are quiet, you are calm, you always come for my help when ever am in need.. I could remember early this year when I lost my phone you would always give me yours to chat on Facebook��� how would I have known that I will still be writing a tribute to you here on Facebook... Only God knows actually what prompted everything that happened.... You v always persuaded me to come visit you in your new lodge and I always gave you excuses���... When I got to your lodge yesterday evening and saw you hanging lifeless tears filled my eyes cos I didn't finally come when you were alive... Its sad... I feel guilty I didn't make out time for us to see as you v been requesting... Maybe you would have said something about it... Pls forgive me��

Chain�� luscious so you mean I won't see you again

You mean no one to call me mummy again??

You mean you didn't finally come to marry me as you will jokingly say���

I pray you make peace with your maker

Rip wherever you are

Till we part to meet no more�����

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