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Six Arrested In Alleged Assassination Attempt On Venezuelan President.

Six people have been arrested after Saturday’s alleged assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, the nation’s Interior Minister said.

Maduro survived the assault after several drones armed with explosives flew toward him during a speech at a military parade, an attack he blamed on far-right elements and Colombia’s outgoing president, Juan Manuel Santos.

Those arrested are accused of “terrorism and assassination,” minister Néstor Reverol said Sunday.

Reverol said one of the detained had an outstanding arrest warrant for his alleged role in the August 2017 attack on a military base in Valencia.

Another of the detained people was previously arrested during the 2014 anti-government protests. Reverol said he doesn’t rule out further arrests.

Attackers used two DJI M600 drones that each carried 1 kilogram of C-4 explosive, Reverol said.

The munitions could cause damage in a radius of 50 meters, and intelligence services were able to identify the nearby streets that were used for launching the drones from a distance, he said.

One of the drones flew over the presidential stage with the intention of being detonated by the attackers, but he said the authorities were able to cause it to lose control and detonate outside the area the attackers targeted.

Reverol said the second drone lost control and fell into an apartment building, where it exploded on the first floor.

Venezuela’s communications minister Jorge Rodriguez said on Sunday the assassination plot was planned at least six months ago, according to an exclusive interview with Russian state-run media agency Sputnik.


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