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New Mother Arrested By Police After Selling Her Baby On Facebook.

 Two women have been arrested after a baby was allegedly sold online.

Police acted when the new mum took the four-day-old baby to a clinic in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, for immunisation on Thursday.

Police spokesman Captain Thabo Sibuyi said nurses grew suspicious when the name of the mum, which they had on record, didn’t match that of the woman who had the baby.

“Nurses asked where the mother was and the woman said the child had been given to her.

Nurses called the cops and she was arrested for child theft.

“Officers contacted the biological mother and told her to come to the police station, where she was charged with negligence.”

Investigations led police to believe the child was advertised and sold on Facebook.

Sibuyi said the two appeared in court and were released without paying bail.

He said the two were arrested because they didn’t follow the right adoption procedures.

The biological mother said: “I couldn’t afford to raise the baby and that’s the reason I gave it away.”

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