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Twitter Users Blast Pregnant Linda Ikeji For Exposing Suicidal Gay Man To Possible Attacks.

Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji is trending on the social media space for all the wrong reasons.

According to the story, Linda took a gay man's post from his Facebook profile and posted it on her blog.

The major issue is that she posted the man's name, his location and photos of him which places a target on the man being that her location is Nigeria where members of the LGBTQI community are not exactly given the same treatment like other people with different sexual orientation.

Her post has sparked a massive outrage on social media with people spewing hate against the blogger.

One Twitter user wrote: "I really don't like Linda Ikeji. You can call her business mogul or whatever I don't see that. I see a very wicked human being."

Another retorted: "This has to be the 2,852nd time she's doing this type of nonsense. She has refused to be a decent human being. Tueh!," while another visibly pissed off user added, "Linda Ikeji is an absolute demon for that post. What the actual fuck."

"Linda Ikeji is the single most vile person on Nigeria’s internet. She has absolutely no respect for boundaries and she’s going to get what she deserves one day. Horrible fellow" wrote another user.


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