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Teenager attacks elderly man with machete in Imo State.

       Teenager attacks elderly man with machete in Imo State (photos)
An elderly man was seriously injured in a vicious machete attack in Umuagwu Umuohiagu, Imo State.

It was gathered that the victim along with other elders had gone to deliver a message to the teenage boy for violating a village rule when he struck!

The culprit withdrew a machete and inflicted deep cut on one of the elders' head. Read report:

I traveled home to see my people on June, 20 and could not believe my eyes on what a young teenager did to a man who is supposed to be a grandfather to him.

The man whose picture is attached below only crime is that he went to one Chinwe Nkwo with other elders of his clan Amagwa Umuagwu Umuohiagu on their Nze's instructions to deliver a message why he violated village rules/constitutions but to their surprise the young man withdrew his machete and had this deep cut on the old man. A shocking story that happened in Umuagwu Umuohiagu.
        Teenager attacks elderly man with machete in Imo State (photos)


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