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Man Kills Father-of-four Over Parking Space.

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An American man who killed a father-of-four because of an argument over a parking space, has submitted to the Police on Thursday.

According to Daily News, the suspect, David Hall, 46, planned his attack for months after 33-year-old William Fernandez took his (Hall’s) parking spot in January.

On June 17, Hall got his revenge as he chased and gunned down Fernandez at about 12:20 a.m., just hours before the father-of-four was supposed to spend Father’s Day with his four children, his family said.

Hall then went on the run for nearly three weeks, as Police put up ‘wanted’ posters in his neighborhood. Fernandez first encountered Hall in January outside Hall’s home on Forrest St. in Bushwick, Brooklyn, USA, sources said.

Fernandez was visiting someone in the area, and the two argued over the parking spot, almost coming to blows, sources said.

On June 17, in the wee hours of Father’s Day, the two crossed paths again on Stanwix Street. at Melrose Street. This time, however, Hall had a gun, Police said.

He chased Fernandez, firing as they ran, and a bullet hit the dad in the chest, Police said. Fernandez bolted two blocks, finally collapsing on Bushwick Avenue near Beaver Street. He died at Wyckoff Hospital.

Hall, a father-of-two, faces murder and weapons possession charges.

Dressed in a grey T-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers, Hall ignored reporters’ questions as two detectives led him into an unmarked Police car outside the 83rd Precinct station house, New York City.

Hall is slated to be arraigned in Brooklyn criminal court on Friday (today).

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