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I’m so disappointed with this country: Brexiteer John Cleese is quitting UK

The former Monty Python comic said his “particular beef” is with British newspapers.

He revealed he was heading to the “gorgeous” island of Nevis in the Caribbean.
He told BBC Two’s Newsnight: “I’m leaving in November.
“I actually am leaving. I’m making arrangements now.
Mr Cleese said he was “so disappointed with so much about this country at the moment”.
The press reform campaigner said he had tried to secure press reform and changes to the voting system but had failed so he was going to “try somewhere else”.
Mr Cleese said the standard of debate around Brexit had been “awful” and there had been “dreadful lies”.
The Fawlty Towers star was an enthusiastic Brexit backer who told the Radio Times after the vote: “I don’t think Brexit was a mistake, myself. I’m rather delighted that all these forecasts of doom and destruction have turned out, at this point, not to have been real.”
Explaining why he voted Leave, he continued: “I don’t want to be ruled by Brussels bureaucrats who want to create a super state. I was pro-Brexit for that reason.
“If I had three words to sum up why we had to get out of Europe, they would be: Jean-Claude Juncker. He’s a little jumped up Luxembugger [sic] who’s never really had a proper job.”
In June 2016 he suggested the only way to reform the European Union was to kill the president of the European Commission.
“It should give up the Euro, introduce accountability and hang Jean-Claude Juncker,” he tweeted. 

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