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Boy Confesses That He Was Told To Bring His Teacher To Their Coven.

A young Nigerian boy has claimed that he was sent by his coven to bring one of his school teachers to their place of meeting (the coven). According to a video which is trending online following shocking confessions made by the boy, he claimed that the coven is in a tree and was taken/initiated by his grandmother (his father’s mother) who usually takes him there in the night.

According to the boy, he was asked to bring one of his teachers identified as Becky.

When he was questioned how the people at the coven including his grandmother knew Becky, the little boy said the teacher was made to appear in a mirror at the coven while wearing black and white attire.

He said when he came to school and wanted to approach the teacher, he saw fire which prompted him to run back. He later told his classmates about what happened before the school authorities were alerted.

In the video footage, when asked how they usually go to the coven, the boy said his grandmother takes him there by flying in the night. He also said that they drink red Zobo at the coven and that there are other children there.

The boy was later asked if he could locate the tree/coven on his own, he said no, that the place is far.

While some online users are shocked by the revelations, others have argued that the boy doesn’t know what he is saying.

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