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Angry villagers lynch man for killing girl, 19, whom he picked at night club in Kenya.

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Shock gripped residents of Car Wash estate in Kisumu on Thursday morning after a man who was trying to sneak a body out of his house using a suitcase was lynched by an irate mob.

Residents woken by an early morning commotion were treated to a scene of a mutilated body of a girl believed to be 19 years old stuffed in a suitcase.

A few metres from the chilling scene inside a house the man had lived in for barely a week, lay another body in a pool of blood.

An enraged mob moved by the gory scene of mutilated body parts beat the man to death. The man, Mike Otieno, 47 is said to have been with the woman identified as Achieng at a night club in Kondele on Wednesday night before they went home at 2 am.

Witnesses said the man was lynched at around 5am Thursday after a curios night guard raised alarm on his attempts to get rid of the body using a suitcase. 

“The watchman said he heard a sharp cry for help from the man’s house before they were drowned in blaring music at around 430am,” reported Kisumu Central OCPD Meshack Kiptum.

The watchman, he said, was alarmed when in the morning at around 4am the man asked him to open the gate for his friends who had come to help him move an important parcel.

The guard however got curious after he found the man mopping blood inside the house. The landlady of the apartment, Margaret Nyarangi said the terrified guard notified her of what he had seen.

“I immediately went to Kondele Police Station to report and came back with two officers.

“When the police arrived, he tried to flee using the back door where a crowd of curious spectators had gathered but was cornered and beaten to death,” she said.

The man, she said, had only stayed in the house for nine days. The house, she added, was searched for and booked by a different lady with whom he moved in. She too would soon disappear.

“The lady who came looking for the house through my agent said she ran a cosmetics business in town.

But they moved in together and were yet to deposit their documents with agent,” she said, adding that the lady had not since been seen again.

Before he was lynched, speculation was rife that he had killed the women he moved in with, in the same fashion and “his 40 days had finally run out,” said a witness.

The OCPD said investigation into what had happened had been launched even as claims emerged that Otieno’s companion was a twilight girl and he had convinced her to go home with him against the advise of her colleagues to use their own rented hotel rooms.


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