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VIDEO: Wife catches husband, girlfriend boarding plane for romantic trip

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 A woman has caught her husband and his mistress, red-handed, as the two tried to board a flight for a weekend romantic romp.

In anger, she grabbed the hair of the woman after she caught them together at the airport, about to board a plane.

The wife caught up with the pair at the Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport in the city of Rionegro, north-western Colombia.

They had been about to catch a flight to the popular coastal tourist city of Cartagena on the country’s northern Caribbean coast.

An eyewitness with a smartphone, one Christos Kintis, filmed the angry wife holding on tightly to the hair of the alleged mistress while arguing with her husband.

She refused to let go of the hair of the other woman who is seen apparently frozen in terror, not moving an inch, behind the woman’s husband.

The man is seen trying to defend his alleged woman from his furious wife while onlookers, including airport security staff, decide against intervening.

One member of security is seen in the video ignoring the trio and instead replaces the rope barrier.

The wife can be heard saying: “On Saturday, you were going to bring me for a walk with the boy and now you are carrying her.

“Get her out of here or I will make a scandal. I am not going to let her go. Beat me, so you will go to jail.”

The husband asks the people watching to call the police, while his wife shouts out that he is a ‘liar’.

Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport is the second largest airport in Colombia.         


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