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Sex Education: new Netflix series will star Gillian Anderson

New Netflix dramedy Sex Education is about a socially-awkward teen boy and his sex therapist mother...

Gillian Anderson will star in Sex Education, an upcoming drama that'll stream on Netflix. According to Deadline, the series will follow Anderson's character, a sex therapist, and her teenage son, played by Ender's Gamestar Asa Butterfield.
Butterfield plays Otis Thompson, a socially awkward high school virgin who, while inexperienced himself, knows a great deal about sex education because of his sex therapist mother. Otis teams up with "whip-smart bad girl" Maeve to set up an underground sex education clinic for their classmates, to answer all of their weird and wonderful questions. This is a pretty amazing premise, with an even more amazing cast.
"It pretends to be a show about sex, but it’s actually a romantic and funny show about love,” producer Jamie Campbell told Variety. "It’s an antidote to shows that present the teenage experience of sex as superhumanly confident and experimental. Our characters have an endless supply of sexual problems that need to be solved. Otis has the expertise to provide the answers, but has problems of his own, starting with the fact that he’s never had sex himself."
The dramedy is being created by emerging writer Laurie Nunn and will be will be directed by Catastrophe's Ben Taylor. Sex Education is being produced in the UK by Brit production company Eleven Film. It is set to be released sometime in 2019. Ncuti Gatwa (Stonemouth), Connor Swindells (Harlots), and Kedar Williams-Stirling (Will) also star.
More news as we hear it.

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