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Lady Shocked As Man Masturbates While Staring At Her In A Bus In England.

A lady who was a passenger on a bus has taken to social media to share the photos of a man he claimed was masturbating in the bus she boarded, while staring at her.

The lady who goes by the name Karlah Daly said she confronted the pervert and asked him to stop – but claims that she got more shocked when she reported it to the driver, as the driver simply told her to ‘switch seats’.

Horrified by what was happening, she took out her film and recorded what happened.

According to her narration, she asked the man to stop once again, but he refused to listen to her. And to her greatest surprise, while she stood up to leave, he mentioned to her that he loves her.

“I said ‘can you stop it please’, he didn’t say anything, he was still looking me in the eyes. “I got up to leave and he said: ‘I love you’. I was really scared.”

She said there was one other passenger, a man, on the top deck of the bus when it happened, but he did not intervene.

“There was another man on the deck of the bus, but he just seemed to ignore everything going. He turned a blind eye and I wondered why he would do such in a critical situation like that”

Karlah said she went downstairs and reported what had happened to the bus driver – but was stunned by his reaction.

“He simply asked me to switch seats and stay away from any area where i feel threatened. I was mad and thought maybe it was all a dream. But no, it was crazily real” she said

The victim posted the video on Twitter, and was contacted by West Yorkshire Police, who asked her to give a statement about what happened. Officers are now investigating, but no arrests have been made.

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