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Zimbabwean Man Accuses Grandpa of Witchcraft, Kills him with an Axe.

An 86 year old man has been struck by a  man in Zimbabwe after accusing him of bewitching him after which the killer still went on to attack two women from the same area with same weapon  inflicting fatal injuries.

The Killer is identified as Munkuli Mahlabezulu, aged 30, on Sunday claimed to have seen a vision of the Grandpa, Mr. Chilemba Mudenda bewitching him, this happened on Sunday at about 2pm to 3pm.

The Grandpa was on his way home when he was struck by his Killer, he was struck on the neck and he died instantly.

After the bloody attack, he proceeded to another man identified as Mr. James Mwinde's house where he was trying to explain to James' two wives his reason for killing the Grandpa but when he noticed they "misunderstood" his explanations he attacked them.

The women are presently admitted at a hospital.

Police Sources said:
"Munkuli said he Killed Mudenda because  he suspected that he was bewitching him. He said he had vision and dreams of him doing evil practices on him".

Munkuli later went to Mr Mwinde's Homestead where a misunderstanding arose as he was explaining to the latter's wife why he axed Mr Mudenda.

"He struck one of the women once with the axe. He Charged towards the other woman whom he struck three times on the Head, Chest and Neck." said the source.

A Chief in the community expressed shock as he said the incident shocked the community explaining that the killer is a responsible man as they don't understand why he would engage in such act.

It was reported that the deceased's body was later discovered by his wife, Selita, 61, in a pool of his blood.

Our Source said the community was attracted by the screams of the wives of Mr James Mwinde.

The Suspect has been handed over to the Police for further investigation.


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