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A Day After Surviving Accident, Bride Weds Hubby In Hospital With Fractured Legs In Benue.

A woman identified simply as Ruth, who survived an accident which left her with fractured legs in Benue State University Teaching Hospital, has gotten married a day after surviving the accident.

According to online reports, Ruth, was walking along the road on Friday, a day to her wedding day, when she was hit by a truck driver and her legs were broken in the accident.

She was admitted to Benue State University Teaching Hospital but that did not stop her and her groom from getting married as scheduled on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

An eyewitness said that Ruth's wedding to Timothy Kwaor was held in the hospital. She was dressed in her wedding gown and brought in in a wheel chair. Other patients in the hospital served as the wedding guests.

The witness shared the story on Facebook and wrote;


"Love in the strangest of times and places.

Today is their wedding day. Yesterday a truck driver hit the bride and broke her legs. Diagnosis suggests multiple fracture. It didn't break their spirits neither did it reduce the love.

Today, I was at the waiting area of the GOPD where the management of the BSU Teaching Hospital permitted us to hold the wedding ceremony. She was wheeled down in her gown to the venue and it was glorious.

Folks who ordinarily came to seek treatment became wedding guests in pleasant astonishment. Her fellow patients had fun, ate food and shared her wedding cake with her.

Happy married life Ruth and Timothy Kwaor. It's amazing how you embarrassed the devil today. Live long and may your marriage blossom."

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