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It has been reported that the police officers at Idimu Division in Lagos had a hard time preventing the shedding of blood between the members of two churches after they allegedly dropped their Bibles and engaged in public brawl over plots of land in the area.

According to P.M. Express, it was learnt that some of members from both parties sustained minor and serious injuries during the fight and were being treated at various hospitals around the area.

The incident happened at Calvary Estate in Idimu, Lagos were the two churches – a white garment church also known as Aladura and Calvary Church were located.

It was reportedly gathered that the two pastors who were the owners of the churches had involved their members in the fight, were exchanging blows and physically assaulted themselves. However, the situation was brought under control when the police got information, went to the scene of fight and quenched the squabble.

It was reported that the fight started after the Aladura Church wanted to develop a parcel of land they reportedly bought from one Alhaji Adebimpe. The attempt to develop the said plot of land was resisted by the Calvary Church members who claimed that the land belonged to them. That led to the members of the two churches openly confronting themselves to the extent that they forgot the spiritual, threw caution to the winds and physically engaged themselves in a public fight.

P.M. Express reports that the two churches had earlier acquired plots of land where they built their churches. And since they were the first set of people that acquired plots of land over there and developed them, they reportedly grabbed other plots of land close to their churches to the extent that they now owned most plots of land there.

Some of the residents who knew what happened told P.M. Express that Calvary Church and the Aladura church came early in the area and bought four plots of land. It was gathered that Calvary Church compound had since increased to 16 plots while that of the Aladura had increased to 10 plots, and it was not certain if they bought them from the original owners of the land.

The residents confirmed the incident and said that the police got there in good time, intervened and invited the parties to the police station for the settlement of the dispute, thereby preventing what would have degenerated to huge bloodshed.

The police confirmed the incident and said that the parties had been invited to the police station and had warned them to maintain peace until the matter was finally settled.

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