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Newborn Baby Stuns Midwives As She Starts Walking Few Minutes After Being Born.

Another person in the room who is capturing the moment on camera declares: “Wait let me film this.”

They then shout for another colleague called Ju, probably short for Julia, to come to witness the unbelievable moment. “Ju, Ju come and see this,” they cry.

The midwife seen in the video, explains she has been trying to give the baby a bath but the child just wants to get up and walk.

“Merciful father. I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk,” she explains pointing with one hand to where she initially tried to lay the baby down to give the child her first bath.
“She has walked from here to here,” she adds indicting the area the child has already covered.

The midwife then lifts the baby up and returns the infant back to the original position and in an astounding burst of strength, the little nipper refuses to lie down on her front, pushes up onto her legs and resumes her astonishing journey across the neonatal table once again.

A gob-smacked onlooker declares: “Wow, she is so cute it’s amazing. If she’s like this now, I can just imagine how precocious she is going to be as she grows up.”

To which the midwife holding the baby girl says: “Heavens above. If you told people what has just happened no one would believe it unless they saw it with their own eyes.”


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