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Woman With Cancer Marries Herself In Order To Fulfill Her Dream.

A cancer-stricken Chinese woman has had her greatest wish granted after walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress – despite having no groom.

According Dailymail report, The 21-year-old woman identified as Yang Chunyan, who has leukaemia, said she had always wanted a big white wedding, but she feared she might not live long enough to have her long-desired ceremony.

After expressing her wish on a her sick bed, her brother arranged the emotional nuptials for her with help from medical staff and charity workers. Ms Yang, who is undergoing chemotherapy, appeared at the special ceremony wearing a jet-black wig.

The ceremony was held in the Wulong People’s Hospital in Chongqing, south-west China, on January 20.

Ms Yang’s makeup was done by members from the local Zhenshanmei Volunteer Association. The charity organisation had also arranged a bridal gown and wedding cake for the young woman.

Ms Yang held a bouquet of flowers as she walked down a romantic pink carpet towards the stage, witnessed by doctors, nurses, volunteers and well-wishers. She was accompanied by the wedding host.

The wedding host said: ‘Chuanyan, we send you the best wishes for your life!’

The happy bride then cut the wedding cake with charity workers.

Ms Yang, a Wulong-native, was diagnosed with leukaemia a month ago after fainting in a motel room in the nearby Panzhihua city, according to The Paper, citing Chongqing Evening News.

She comes from a less-fortunate family and was trying to look for work in Panzhihua when she made the discovery. Speaking to Bjnews after the wedding, Ms Yang said while lying in her hospital bed: ‘So many kind people are helping me. They let me see hope and give me courage.

‘No matter my treatment is successful or not, I wouldn’t feel scared.’

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