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71-Year-Old Nigerian Hospitalized After He Was Beaten Up By Emirates Crew For Sitting In Wrong Seat.

A 71-year-old Nigerian grandpa, David Ukesone, has recounted a raw deal that he had from the crew of Emirates airline while flying from Dubai to Chicago.

He was punched in the face, his mouth taped and bound like a prisoner for eight hours on his trip to reunite with his family.

His offence was that he got into a dispute with the flight attendants over his seat number.

Speaking to ABC News, his attorney Howard Schaffner: “He apparently sat in the wrong seat and was told to change seats by a flight attendant.

“He didn’t think he was in the wrong seat and there was an argument and, at some point, he was hit.”

The drama is alleged to have unfolded when the elderly man left his seat to use the bathroom at the back of the plane and sat down in the wrong seat.

The passenger, who was seated in 35D on the EK235 flight on January 23, claims he had miscalculated and sat in a seat that wasn’t his, but was “close by”.

Ukesone said he hadn’t been on a plane in over 35 years.

His attorney insisted that he was not attempting to upgrade himself to first class or occupy a seat meant for the crew.

He added that an exchange between Mr Ukesone and a flight attendant had left him confused and unable to understand why he was being asked to move.

While able to speak and understand English, the passenger admitted to struggling to understand when it wasn’t spoken to him by a native Nigerian.

He continued: “He was asked to move and he wants to take his bag in the overhead compartment with him.

He also said that the elderly man claims his “mouth was taped” and was abandoned for the rest of flight “without any food or water.”

The elderly man was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Centre, where he was allegedly treated for lacerations and bruising, and where he remained for several days.

Emirates spokesperson: “Emirates can confirm that Mr Ukesone was a passenger on flight EK235 from Dubai to Chicago on 23 January, and that he had to be restrained by cabin crew due to unruly behaviour during the flight.

 Photos: 72-year-old Nigerian man hospitalised after being zip tied for 8 hours when he allegedly became unruly aboard Emirates flight


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