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Darius Foreman, a 13-year-old boy’s head got pierced by a six-inch screw. The screw pierced his skull but what happens next has gotten family and friends thanking God; Darius survived the deadly incident.

The screw pierced him just a millimeter away from killing him.

According to Daily Mail UK, Darius Foreman was building a tree house on Saturday at his home in Maryland when he fell from a branch knocking over a five-foot wooden board that came down on top of his head.
A six-inch screw became lodged in his skull one millimeter away from draining the fluid from his brain which would have caused him to bleed to death.

After firemen cut down the wooden board so he could fit into the helicopter, Darius was airlifted to Johns Hopkins Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to carefully remove the nail and was released on his 13th birthday.

‘I absolutely panicked,’ Darius’ mother Joy Ellingsworth told CNN. ‘It was very scary, one of the scariest things I’ve ever been through.’

The five-foot board was still attached to Darius’ head when the ambulance arrived but he could not fit inside.
An x-ray shows the six-inch screw that became lodged in Darius’ head

Fire rescue used the family’s saw to cut the board down to two feet.

He was airlifted to Johns Hopskins Hospital in Baltimore where Dr Alan Cohen was called to perform emergency surgery. 

Dr Cohen told CNN he was on ‘pins and needles’ during the operation because one small misstep could be ‘catastrophic’.

During the two-hour surgery tiny fragments of bone and a small blood clot were removed.

An X-ray shows a portion of the screw lodged between the the two hemispheres of the brain.

The screw threatened to tear into the largest canal of the brain and drain blood and fluids. 

The operation was a successful and Darius was discharged Thursday – on his 13th birthday.

‘He was a millimeter away from having himself bleed to death,’ said Dr Cohen.

‘He’s a lucky kid,’ he added.

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