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Nigerian Woman Burns Her Husband With Hot Water During An Argument Over Socks In Abuja.

A school cleaner scalded her husband with hot water during an argument over socks in Rubochi, Abuja.

Facebook user, Sarah Danladi shared the photo and wrote;

“This thing just happened this morning at #RUBOCHI FCT ABUJA, this woman pour hot water on her husband because of socks, friends give ur comment and share it.”

John Kyenshak Dantom it is a did of setan, but i pray that God may forgive that and show her the good way of light,for this woman is in dakness and Davil has used her as he does with Eve.

Olaoye Samuel Witch woman, kill him and get pepper to roast him and eat all your days. So wicked!! You will face the music of Divorce soon!!

Clement Dalut Is it the ordinary socks we wear on our feet or a different one? Whatever it is, she needs to see a psychiatrist. May God deliver her."


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