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Help! My husband wants me dead.

Blessing Ifeloluwa and her estranged husband, Ogunsola Ifeoluwa, dated for two years before getting married in 2011. Then, it was all bliss. They were in love and it was quite obvious.

But today, things have changed. Now, while the wife has alleged threat to her life, abandonment and lack of care, the husband said he did not care whatever the wife alleged.

At a recent encounter, Blessing told Daily Sun her story: “I am from Ikot-Imo, Nsit Ubuim Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. My husband, Ogunsola Ifeoluwa, hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State. We dated for two years before marriage.

“Before we started, he wasn’t dating anyone. But I was dating someone. He had informed me that he had dated six girls. They all left him because of one reason or the other. At that time, he had no job.

“Somehow, he deceived me by disallowing me from getting married to the person I was initially dating. He promised to take care of the child I was nursing for the person. I fell for him because my son’s father travelled abroad after getting me pregnant.

“He told me that the man did not believe in God; that the man who impregnated me was going to traffic abroad.

“We loved each other so much that we could not be alone for so long to the extent that when I travelled to Cross River State for Nigerian Navy recruitment, he became sick. I had to rush back to Abeokuta to attend to him. In the end, he stopped me from joining the Navy. Since I loved him, I had to obey him. Our love was very strong but I was having challenges with my mother-in-law.

“Six months before our wedding, the woman demanded that we should call off the show. But we ignored her and went ahead with our plans. The consequences of that are what I am suffering today.

“At a time, my mother-in-law began threatening to kill me and her son. She even forced all members of the family not to have anything to do with us. During those periods, I had six miscarriages, one stillbirth and a series of partial strokes.

“We requested some elders in our church, family friends, her first three children, Mr. Abiodun, Mrs. Olayemi and Mrs. George Titi to beg her on our behalf, but she was adamant, insisting that we must quit the marriage.

“When the pressure became too much, my husband started living a promiscuous life. He abandoned me and my kids. His bad behaviour began in 2013 but I continued to bear it and even covered up for him until things became worse on July 28, 2016 when he abandoned me with an eight-month pregnancy and my two kids. He moved in with a 45-year-old woman who already had four kids.

“Without divorcing me, he now has a child with the woman. The worst came when, shortly after he abandoned me in the hospital, our son died, but he went ahead and sold the land where the kid was buried. When I demanded to know why he sold land, he responded that he was not the president’s child.

“Before I met Ogunsola, I was working with an export and import company. I later opened a cosmetic shop, which made me very popular in Abeokuta.

“Then, he was learning to install DSTV dishes and repair computers, but he never used any of those skills effectively until 2011 when we were about to get married.

“So, I owned all the properties that we started life with. The house we lived in is mine. We have hectares of land in Ifo, one and half plots of land on Palm Avenue, Ijoko, two plots of land at Kana, one plot of land in OPIC Estate.

“My husband always told me that he hardly succeeded in anything he did. In fact, one day, he decided to go and find out why things were not going well with him. The person he met told him to go and ask about the circumstances surrounding his placenta.

“When he returned, he began contemplating suicide. Immediately I heard of suicide. I began to beg him not to attempt it, promising to help him out. That was how I foolishly committed myself into giving him my fortune so that he could become someone in life.

“Before our wedding, we performed some rituals; I transferred my destiny to him. That was one of the reasons we ignored his mother and her threats. Two weeks before our wedding, he was given an appointment letter to work in an oil and gas company. Since then, he has been prospering.

“He never wanted me and the children to be alive, let alone take care of us. I took the matter to a rights group and welfare office. But whenever they called him, he went there to lie against me. I even suspected he bribed them because I was surprised when they asked me to go and stay with my mother-in-law for one week, that only then would he give me money to take care of the children. This was the situation since then. I have been struggling to take care of the kids all alone.

“At a time, my former lover got to know about our plight, so he sent me money. But when my husband heard, he became mad. For that reason, my former lover said that he did not want to be killed; that he could only help me and my children when we had properly divorced. So it has been really hard surviving with my two children.

“First, he gave someone charms to put in the house. Then, he started threatening me on phone, saying that if I did not pack out of the house, he would kill me. Later, he sent thugs to threaten me.

“One day, we woke up and saw a strange dog in the house. Another time, I vomited blood and my daughter fainted twice in the middle of the night. A lot of strange things began to happen to me and my kids almost every day. At a time, my kids said we should quit the house but I refused. I told them that with prayers and fasting, we would overcome every trial.

“I want him to pay for character defamation, abandonment and breach of marriage contract. I want a share of our properties. He has all the documents to the properties. The only one I have is the document of the house I live in with my children. He has to pay me for damages for stopping me from completing my degree programme and from operating my lucrative business.

“I want the government and the public to tell my husband to stop threatening my life and the lives of those giving me assistance.”

When Ifeoluwa was contacted to respond to his wife’s allegations, he asked Daily Sun how much she paid for the story. When he was told that the newspaper does not demand money to publish stories, he requested to meet with the reporter face-to-face. But when the reporter insisted that the meeting must be at The Sun’s office he lost interest. The reporter then suggested sending him a questionnaire via the social media, but he again declined.

A week after, the correspondent contacted him again, and this was the telephone conversation that ensued.

Reporter: Good morning, Mr. Ifeoluwa, you have not responded to the allegations raised by Blessing, your wife. As a responsible news medium, we try to give every party the opportunity to explain their case. So, if there is no response from you, we will publish the story as told by Blessing.

Ifeoluwa: Well, I think as a journalist, it is your job to search for information and not to be asking me for my side of the story. Go around and make your investigation.

Reporter: Investigation is asking everyone to explain their involvement, and that’s what I’m doing. No one can explain your matter better than you. If you have nothing to say, the story will be published as told by your wife.

Ifeoluwa: The money or bribery is working on you. I don’t care what you write.

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