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22 Doctors Separate Nigerian Conjoined Twins in India.

A set of Nigerian conjoined twins delivered at a Lagos hospital on the 8th of May 2017, have undergone a successful surgery in Bangalore, India, according to reports.

Obinna and Amarachi Ugwuoke, who already had two children, were shocked on seeing their twin babies, James and John, shortly after delivery. They’re fused at the stomach.

The twin underwent a complex but successful operation at Narayana Health Hospital in Bangalore, India.

Twenty-two specialists were said to have been involved in the operation which separated the children who shared just one liver.

During the surgery, specialists were able to divide their liver into two pieces, allowing both children to keep part of the vital organ – which can grow back on its own.

Sanjay Rao, senior consultant at the hospital, said the surgery was carried out using specialists in various fields, with the aim of letting the babies live normal lives thereafter.

“The goal of surgery is to achieve a safe separation and to have two normal children with no morbidity and disability,” he said.

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