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Woman Left With A Bullet Inside Her Nose After Being Shot.

The Police in Argentina have launched an investigation after a woman was shot through the nose while eating an ice cream.
The woman identified as Nadia Mariscal was enjoying a treat with her two children when she felt a sharp pain in her face.
Initially thinking she had been hit by a stone or a stick – the 35-year-old was shocked to discover she had been shot… And the bullet was still stuck in her nose. Rushing to hospital in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Ms Mariscal said she was forced to undergo an operation to remove the air rifle pellet.
She said: ‘I felt something hit my nose, it hurt a lot and I started bleeding.
‘The doctor saw me, as well as the surgeon, and they gave me antibiotics.
‘They put something on it to stop the bleeding because I was losing blood.’
The identity of the gunman, however, still remains a mystery but the mum believes the gun was fired from a building overlooking the square.
She added: ‘I felt it came from above. I guess I should be glad it didn’t hit me in the eye and that nothing happened to my son. I got off lightly really.
‘It must be someone mad, I cannot understand it. It is so dangerous, the park was full of kids and there could have been a tragedy.’
Ms Mariscal has since lodged a formal complaint with the police and officers have launched an investigation into the incident.
It is believed that a gang of young hoodlums may be responsible but police fear it will be difficult to identify them.
A spokesman said: ‘We are redoubling our efforts to find them, but it’s not easy.
‘We believe they come as a group, possibly with backpacks where their guns and ammunition are hidden.’

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