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Nine-year-old girl pregnant as stepdad rapes her 10 times daily.

A nine year old girl is pregnant for her alleged rapist  stepfather who is said to have assaulted her up to 10 times a day.

The abused girl’s pregnancy was only discovered by her mother after five months, meaning she was too late to have an abortion in Peru.

Local news reported that the girl’s stepfather, 30, has fled and a manhunt is underway to track him down.

The girl, who has not been named to protect her right to anonymity, has claimed she was attacked at home while other family members were out.

She said she was set upon by the sicko up to 10 times a day and has called for the full weight of justice to be brought against him.

Financial aid is being sought to help the stricken girl and mount a legal case against her alleged attacker.

Peru’s Minister for Women, Ana Maria Choquehuanca, has said guidelines are in place to give abusers of minors maximum sentences.

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