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Man Caught on Camera Buying Jerrycan of Fuel Before Using It to Murder His Own Children (Video).

This is the chilling moment a warped father entered a garage to buy petrol that he would later use to murder his own children. 
CCTV shows twisted Uber driver, Endris Mohammed, purchasing a jerrycan full of fuel which was poured over a cloth and used to smother Saros Endris, eight, and Leanor, six.
The 47-year-old Ethiopian asylum-seeker then set fire to his home and fled in his Uber taxi — droving 40 miles before attempting to kill himself by setting the Vauxhall Insignia alight.
His devastated wife, Penil, 37, was woken by a smoke alarm and stamped out a small fire by the front door before finding the bodies of their children.
A court heard Mohammed claimed he killed his children because he had 'no money', that he did not want to leave them fatherless and 'felt financially pressured' by his partner.
Just hours earlier he played on an Xbox with their son during a 'sleepover' in the lounge before he callously smothered him and their daughter.
Emergency services rushed to the couple's home following the blaze on Holland Road, in Hamstead, Birmingham, at around 3,30am on October 28 last year.
The lifeless bodies of the children were dragged outside by their mother who thought they were asleep when they were actually in cardiac arrest.
Mohammed denied murder and attempted murder and went on trial at Birmingham Crown Court last week.
Today, he was unanimously found guilty on all three counts after half an hour of deliberation by a jury of seven men and five women.
The badly scarred defendant, wearing a black sweatshirt and a white bandage wrapped around his head, remained emotionless as the verdicts were read out.
He is expected to sentenced to life in prison by Judge Justice Andrew Gilbart on Monday.
During the trial the court heard how Endris arrived in the UK from Ethiopia as an asylum seeker in 2006.
He worked as taxi driver but found himself in financial difficulty after having to pay £250 a week to rent the car from Enterprise.
The day before the incident, the defendant drove to an Esso petrol station and purchased a black fuel container, along with three litres of petrol.
He then chillingly murdered his son and daughter at 3.30am the following night before trying to burn down the house while his wife slept upstairs.
Jurors heard Mohammed had earlier removed a cooker from a kitchen unit and stabbed a pipe behind so that 'the gas would escape and an explosion would occur'.
At 4.03am Mohammed headed up the M6 motorway before he attempted to take his own life in a car fire in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs.
But passers-by spotted the burning vehicle and called emergency services who took Mohammed to hospital with severe burns to his face and arms.
In police interview he said that he had purchased the petrol with the intention to kill himself and thought 'today would be a nice day to die'.
He claimed that, whilst pouring petrol on his car outside the family home, he 'thought of his children and how this would leave them without their father'.
He also feared the flames would lead to them 'burning alive' so he 'doused a cleaning cloth with petrol' and put to their faces to ensure a more pleasant end.
Jonas Hankin QC, prosecuting, said: 'The true reasons why the defendant killed his children and tried to kill his wife may never be known.
'His explanation for killing the children was that they would be better off dead than alive because he intended to kill himself.'
Giving evidence, wife Penil Teklehaimanot described her husband as 'the perfect dad'.
She said: 'He was a gentle, quiet man. He's the man who takes it easy. He took everything easy. He's not worried about anything.
'He was the perfect dad. He spent a lot of time with the children and played with them.'
Mohammed admitted killing his children but denied murder on grounds of diminished responsibility and claimed he was mentally impaired.
But a forensic consultant psychiatrist told the court he had been thinking 'rationally' on the day of the killings. 
Commenting on the case, a spokesman for the NSPCC said: 'Endris Mohammed abandoned his duty to protect and nurture his children, and condemned them to a brutal death.
'It is crucial that anyone concerned about a child speaks out, as it could save a life."
Below is a video of Mohammed buying a jerrycan of petrol.

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