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Lagos Husband Rapes 13-Year-Old Housemaid At Knifepoint, Wife Forces Her To Drink Concoction.

One Ulonna Amaobi has been arrested for raping a 13-year-old housemaid who was employed by his wife in April, 2017.

Her boss’ husband started defiling her right from the month Mary, an indigene of Jos, Plateau State, got to the Amaobis’ home at Iyana Iba, Lagos..

In a chat with PUNCH, she said: “The first time he raped me and I bled , I reported to madam when she got back home. She did not do anything about it. But she beat me all the time when she accused me of stealing money.”

Mary said she was also routinely starved. The couple had promised to enrol her in school also but made no attempt to look for a school for her during the four months she was there.

According to the girl , whenever Amaobi wanted to come into her room to rape her, he held a knife to her neck to prevent her from screaming. “There was a time madam was in the sitting room. He came to where I was and carried me to his room.

I tried to struggle but he held me down and said he would stab me if I made any noise.” The man
allegedly continued the sexual attack multiple times despite the girl notifying his wife.

It was learnt that Amaobi’s wife later took the girl to a hospital to conduct a pregnancy test on her. It is not clear what the result showed but when they got home, she allegedly forced her to take an alcoholic herbal drink, and sent her packing.

Mary’s sister later got to know and reported the case to the Esther Child Rights Foundation, who notified the police and Mr. Amaobi was arrested. Mrs . Amaobi admitted that she indeed took the girl for a test and gave her a drink.

But she refused to disclose what the concoction was used for when asked. She said: “It is true that she reported to me that my husband raped her. But she only reported once and that was this last time. I was shocked . I wanted to faint. I held my chest and was crying. ”

Amaobi was finally charged with child sexual abuse and child endangerment at the Ikeja Magistrate’s Court , Lagos on Tuesday, November 7.

He was subsequently remanded at the Kirikiri Prison, Lagos pending when he met his bail conditions.

The case has been adjourned till January 25 for mention.

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