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Why I Hardly Wear Ear Rings – Nigerian Nudist, Maheeda Reveals.

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Nigerian self-acclaimed Goddess, Maheeda has taken to social media to gush about her beautiful daughter. In a recent post on her Instagram page, she revealed her 16-year-old daughter, Divine is the reason she goes nude.

According to her, whenever she goes shopping with her daughter, she demands expensive and designer wears, which makes her to double her hustle.

She also revealed she came from a poor background and did not enjoy the luxury her daughter is enjoying as she could not afford them.

She wrote,

“If I go shopping with my daughter, my credit card gets empty.. I must go hustle hard the next month be that…lol she likes designers, classy etc but I’m the opposite. I grew up too poor that if u check all my pictures I hardly even wear ear rings… I have them but I’m not use to them…I’m use to okreka and not having gold silver necklaces or even normal earrings. My dear I didn’t have any of those. no be if I see pant wear then… So I grew up not use to all that and is part of my life now, no matter how hard I try to change that, it still doesn’t change #pako babe. Which is good for me now tho lol…but my daughter? Oh God I need hustle more lmao…she just picks the most expensive and classy clothes and accessories…and I most pay there or go hustle and get them later…well all I’m trying to say is, a…like me is blessed with an angel like that. I’m grateful to God and you all praying for her..thank you!!! She will be 17 soon and I will be 35 next month..we are doing great thank you all for your love and support!!!”

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