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Delta State University Female Student Shares Her Naked Photo Online To Seduce Men And To Extort Money From Them.

A student, 21yrs old who goes by the name “Ahwe Vera Williams” on facebook is a 300 level student of Delta state university, DELSU, ABRAKA, DELTA STATE and home town is Sapele has being confirmed to be living with badluck and had affected so many guys she meets on social media with it.. she is said to seduce any guy that enters her trap with nude pictures and her beautiful face, create fake love with guys and sleep with them knowing fully well that she has been living with badluck and she is always acting like she is falling in love just to exort money from guys, faking love and always posting that she’s broke with her charming face and any guy that gives this girl attention and she sleeps with will be affected financially and spiritually and then block the victim on every means to reach her after she’s done with him (Extorting money)..

Recently, she met a guy from Lagos in the facebook group (Bammie Facebook Famous Gammie) and pretended to love him, the guy sends her money regularly (Up to 5 or 6 times before they met) as they’ve never seen each other before except from facebook and whatsapp chats.. then she agreed to come from Warri where she schools to Lekki, Lagos just to spend 3 days and surprising enough she slept with the guy the very first night they met each other and go back the 3rd day.. who in the world searching for true love does that ??

Ever since then, she wanted more money and attention from the guy which is now obvious her plan is to completely wreck the guy.. She broke up and blocked the guy after the guy refused to send her more money.. Things started going wrong for the guy then the guy visited a church and his pastor revealed to him the real cause of his problem which his the girl and prayed for him.

She’s always on every hangout and creating posts just to get attentions of guys in the group.. this way, she gets money from them and research shows that this young lady Vera is a lesbian and had done some dirty stuffs with her lesbian friends in a hotel room in Abuja where she later resides. And she had done this with 6 other guys and share with everyone close to you (friends and family) to stay away from this lady as she’s devil’s incarnate..


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