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13-year-old Boy Shoots His Friend Dead With Crossbow.

Austin Almanza, a 13-year-old boy has been arrested after shooting his ten-year-old friend dead with a crossbow.
According to Metro UK, Austin Almanza was attacked by the boy after they got into an argument while playing together with Austin’s eight-year-old brother, Ayden, in a tree house in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, on Saturday.
The arrow went through the front of Austin’s abdomen and struck Ayden’s arm.
Lincoln County Sheriff Charles Dougherty said: ‘All three of these kids are friends, they played together. They would go to this tree house and play. We’ve still got some people to talk to.
‘Our investigation is leading us to the point that there was a disagreement among the three prior to the shooting.’
Austin was pronounced dead at the scene. Ayden was taken to hospital and released on Sunday.
He is set to make a full recovery, Dougherty said. He believes the crossbow belongs to the suspect, whose identity is not being released because of his age.
The boy is currently being held at a juvenile detention center and the incident is being investigated as a homicide.
Dougherty added: ‘In an incident like this, I think you have to take the word accident out. Austin is not dead because of an accident. He’s dead because of an action that took place. So until something steers us in the other direction, we’re going to work it as a homicide.’
The family has launched a You Caring page to help pay for Austin’s funeral costs and Ayden’s hospital bills.

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