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Prophet Caught Pants Down With A Married Woman During Cleansing Ceremony.

A Zimbabwean prophet from Sikente Village in Tsholotsho was beaten after he was caught pants down with a married woman during a cleansing ceremony.
According to B-Metro, the self-styled Prophet Kandani lied to a Moyo family that their homestead needed a cleansing ceremony which the husband was not to attend because there was a goblin baying for his blood.
However, it later turned out that it was just a plan to get time with the man’s wife. As fate would have it, during the alleged cleansing ceremony they were caught pants down.
“Albert Moyo and his wife Sitshengisiwe Sibanda have been married for six years, but do not have children.
“They then consulted Prophet Kandani who told them that their homestead needed a cleansing ceremony as there was a goblin sleeping with the woman.
“On the day of the ceremony, he ordered Moyo to go to his brother’s homestead because the goblin was going to attack him,” a reliable source close to the family said.
Fearing for his life, Moyo followed the instructions not knowing that he was “offering” his wife to another man and giving them a chance to be intimate.
Unfortunately, after a few hours Moyo reportedly sent his brother’s wife to check if everything was going well at his homestead.
“She (messenger) was shocked not to see anyone outside the homestead despite calling out at Sibanda.
“Suspecting the worst, she then rushed back to her homestead and called other family members saying they should come and check whether the two were still alive or had been attacked by the goblin.
“Upon arrival at the homestead they caught the prophet and Moyo’s wife having s*x in one of the bedroom huts,” said the source.
Prophet Kandani was thoroughly beaten, but managed to escape stark n*ked.
“My wife is the one who had introduced me to this prophet and I never suspected anything because we wanted help since we do not have children.
“After catching her sleeping with the prophet, my family returned her to her parents’ home and we are yet to discuss the issue with elders.
“The prophet ran away and we do not even know where he stays, but my wife will have to lead us to his homestead so he pays for disrespecting me,” Moyo said.
Efforts to get a comment from Sibanda were fruitless as her mobile number was unreachable.

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