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Nursing Student Who Simply Vanished From Sight After Crashing Her Car 13 Years Ago.

She was the nursing student who vanished 13 years ago after crashing her car on a snowy road and has never been seen since. And the mysterious disappearance of Maura Murray is set to be examined in a new documentary on US TV.
Maura was 21 and studying at the University of Massachusetts when she went missing in February 2004.
On the day she vanished, she is said to have emailed one of her professors to tell them that she wasn't able to go to class as she need to go home due to a family bereavement.
She is believed to have packed up her car and began driving in treacherous conditions. It eventually led to her vehicle spinning out of control on a country road in the state of New Hampshire - 140 miles away from her university.
Maura crashed into trees and a snowbank on the outskirts of the White Mountain National Forest at 7.30 pm. Witnesses who saw the collision saw her immediately afterwards with a bus driver even claiming she spoke to him, pleading with him not to call the police.
When police did go to her car, all of her possessions were inside, but she was gone with her wallet. A police report says the windscreen was cracked on the driver's side, both air bags deployed and the car was locked.
There was also a box of wine on the back seat and a strong smell of booze.
Since that day, there has never been any credible sightings of Maura and her missing persons case is one of the most mysterious in New Hampshire. Police there have been working on several leads as it appears all was not well for the student before she vanished.
Maura had previously been a student at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point but quickly left. After she became embroiled in a criminal matter involving a stolen credit card and also damaged her dad's car in a late night crash.
And just four days before her disappearance, she received a mysterious phone call while she was working in her university's security department. The call left her in tears, and her supervisor had to walk her home as she was too upset to do her job.
Theories about what happened to Maura range from her being kidnapped and murdered to her fleeing and starting a new life in Canada.
But her dad Fred is certain she has fallen the victim of someone wanting to cause her harm.
And speaking in 2014 on the 10th anniversary of her disappearance, he said he was determined to solve the case of his missing daughter.
He told the Associated Press: "There's no letting go. My daughter wouldn't want me to quit on her. She'd want me to keep trying to find out who grabbed her.
"She was out there helpless. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No one to ask for help. I think some local dirt bag grabbed her."
Now, Fred has team up with American TV network Oxygen for a six-part documentary called The Disappearance of Maura Murray.
And he hopes it will help to shed more light on what really happened to his daughter.

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