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Jos-Based Man Tells How He Managed To Capture Wanted Port Harcourt Suspected Ritual Killer, Ifeanyi Dike

A Nigerian man, Thomas Gwom has blasted the Nigerian Police for its unprofessional conduct following the re-arrest of suspected money ritualist Ifeanyi Dike. Gwom slammed the Nigeria police for taking credit for the recapture which he claimed he did single-handedly.
Writing his own account on Facebook, Gwom wrote: "I want to thank all my friends and well wishers who wished me well during my ordeal. But i need to mention this because it will shock those who know the story. The person who broke into my home intending to steal and basically murder me was none other than the ritual killer “Ifeanyi Dike”.

The wanted criminal who escaped custody for killing and raping a 8year old and removed her body parts for ritual. He came to my hometown over two weeks ago and basically found a free room in one of our Laundry rooms that was not used and stayed there without anyone’s knowledge for sometime, until he got boldness to attack me in the early hours of the morning last Tuesday, that lead to the capture of this notorious criminal who almost basically stabbed me to death after a long struggle for about 25minutes and i overpowered this animal. 
My greatest surprise in all this is that after bringing this animal to the police, the police now went on air to claim responsibility for efforts that was not theirs without acknowledging the sacrifice i made by gettimg myself stabbed in the face. Ifeanyi Dike was caught in Barkin Lodi Local government in the early hours of 7am on the 5th of September and i, Thomas Gwom is the one who caught him and am ashamed to look at this police force taking credit and shouting over the media."

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