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How True? Federal Polytechnic Oko Runs Girls Held Captive And Stripped N*ked, On Gunpoint.

With full identity undisclosed we are hereby sharing this news so as to alert anyone who might know these victims from Federal Poly Oko.

It was only yesterday that two female students of federal polytechnic Oko who designated themselves as rund girls went on a dangerous travel to portharcourt to meet their MAGA accidentally fell victims to their maga that they went to visit.

It was reported that these two students were from the Science Laboratory Technology department with their current educational level undisclosed but we know they are from the students of Federal Polytechnic Oko as a student identified the one on red hair in a group chat that the photo was sent to saying she knew her and as a matter of fact that they were together to make her hair as of the week before (you could see the hair still looks new on her proving she made it not quite a long time). Her claim seemed true though.

It is also reported that those men holding them captive requested a ransom of #800,000 and subsequently they were stripped unclad, sexually harrased and also molested as they are in their captives custody.

See Picture here.

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