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Famous Ugandan Lawmaker, Abiriga Put Up For Sale On OLX After Urinating On Govt Property.

Honourable Ibrahim Abiriga, a famous member of the Ugada’s Parliament has been put up for sale on OLX and he is affordable…lol.

The Arua Municipality representative was spotted days ago urinating on the wall fence of Ministry of Finance building.

The legislator admitted that he indeed urinated on the wall because the call of nature got the better of his bladder. So he was forced to park his yellow Volkswagen and pee along the street.

“I was badly off”, he told The Observer. “Should I have kept the urine on myself? What is the problem with that?”

According to The Observer, he blamed media for spreading a hopeless pictures showing him urinating.

Meanwhile, Abiriga is famous for his love of the colour Yellow. The MP’s life is colourfully painted in yellow.

He has a yellow car, loves wearing yellow neckties, stockings, caps, clothes, uses yellow bed sheets, sits on yellow chairs.

It is even said that his underwears are also yellow.

Check him out in other photos fighting with another Parliament member.

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