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Young Boy Shares his story of how was sacked from a school he put in so much effort for success.

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An online user simply identified as Josephamstrong1 has shared a touching story of how his good-willed father was sacked from a school he brought great improvement to as the newly hired principal.

In the story, he wrote of how his father agitated for increment in the teachers’ salary and the eventual sack that sent him back to the village.

Here is Josephamstrong1 account of how it happened:

My father had served the government for 35years as a teacher and principal of schools. Though a pensioner.

Five years ago he was employed by a renowned private school as the principal.

Prior to his employment, a principal was sacked because of his misconducts…like fighting teachers, misappropriation of funds and all. He happened to be the husband of the aged owner’s daughter. That was how my father came into the picture. 

This is his 5th years in office as principal. he had convinced the aged owner who’s in London for an increase in teachers salaries, especially during school holidays. He also requested that electricity and the quality of food at the school’s boarding house be improved. 

He was loved by all and even as his son I also felt the tremendous changes in the school. He took this school as his own and I know he supported the school from with his personal funds. The school staff can attest to this. 

Last week, we got a call from the owner’s daughter. He directed that my father should resign with immediate effect and hand over to her husband. He was also given 2days to the school premises.

Just like that? We called the owner but was unreachable. However, we got reports that the old man was sick and treated at a hospital in London. He also has a son who lives in London. 

So the daughter was handed over to manage the school since she’s the one in the country. Just last term, my father realised so much money and yet the daughter refused to pay anybody their due salary. 

My father has moved to the village and I can’t relocate to the villa with him since I’m still job hunting in the city.

The truth is I’m staying with a friend, for now, to fix my head around this whole issue and pension isn’t steady for my father… I need a job to support them. 


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