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Three Young Children Discover a Human Head While Playing On a Road.

This is the road which has been been sealed off after children reportedly found a human head there while playing.
According to Metro UK, parents of three young boys reported the grim discovery last night.
Police have closed off an area in north Belfast while they conduct searches near Springmartin Road.
‘Three young boys came down the hill and then one of them ran back and there was a bit of commotion and they were all talking and I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but as they got closer I heard them say, I thought it was, ‘it’s definitely dead, I can see the eyes’, but now I’m thinking it was, ‘it’s definitely a head’ and I heard it wrong,’ a local resident told Belfast Live.
‘And the smaller one was kneeling down and he was showing the other two, then they got into a bit of a panic and they were talking about the eyes were grey, something to do with the eyes, and then the next minute the bus was coming up and they all ran over and jumped on the bus.’

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