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Taylor Swift Announces New Album "Reputation".

Taylor Swift, one of the top-selling pop start of recent years has announced a new album “Reputation” to be released on November 10, 2017, putting speculation to rest.

This came after days of dropping a series of slithering clues on her social media account, although it is not certain how her teases tie into her album’s overall theme, but they could be a reference to her complicated history with the animal.

She is set to release a new single from the upcoming album on Thursday night.

Swift also posted on social media the album’s cover art, with one photo showing the singer’s face covered in newspaper print.

While Swift has offered no clues about the sound or themes of “Reputation,” public image has long been one of her favorite topics with lyricism that takes on the perceptions of her in the media.

“Reputation” is set to be the pop star’s sixth studio album. Her last record, “1989,” was released in 2014 and sold 1.2 million copies in its first week.

Swift, whose country roots won her a fan base in conservative parts of the United States, has steered clear of political commentary at a time that many fellow celebrities are bashing US President Donald Trump.

The album’s success gave way to a massive tour and an arguably bigger interest in Swift herself, especially her romantic life and alleged feuds with other celebrities.

Swift then took what appeared to be a major break from the limelight, notably taking a longer stretch of time to release her next record. Prior to “Reputation,” Swift released a new album roughly every two years.

Swift found herself back in the news earlier this month as she triumphed in a lawsuit against a radio DJ in Denver who she said groped during a routine photo opportunity in 2013.

The singer, who has described herself as a feminist, made a donation after the incident to a charity that supports victims of sexual assault.

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