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See the Evil Acts this Calabar Pastor committed.

“He is in police custody. His name is Rev Dr Tony Obo. He buried lots of people pics and passports in his church Human skulls and bones. Babies shoes, name them.

The mother of the little baby girl Nawa O, D is Jus 18yrs, the child which he killed was a grandson to his church member.

Before the death of the child he had prophecies to the woman that his grandson will die but the woman rejected the prophecy.He later sent kidnappers to go and kidnap the little girl from the woman at midnight on a gun point. When neighbors heard the cry of a child in his branch church at Okon Edak till the child stopped crying that’s when they went to check.

He had already put the child in the toilet, his main church at Abua street has a pit in a shape of a grave inside the church some people see it to latrine ware but its a pool of blood and bones. His branch Church in Okon Edak has the same pit but people didn’t dig to see what’s inside and its also in a shape of a grave.

Human skulls were being removed from his so called alter, the said pastors family has escape. His got a house in Akpabuyo which he does not live in it neither his family (wife and kids) but he stays in a rented apartment but the said house at Akapbuyo is being secured by paid private securities.

The said pastor grew up in my neighborhood in other words i know him from childhood till now even when he had the plans of starting the Church (keep this to itself alone) please.

Am not his member and can never be. I’m feeling for his dad and step mum because they are highly disappointed and embarrassed which made them ran away from the neighborhood.

The said pastor killed his brother who was a mass servant in catholic and removed his heart for the same ritual and he made everyone I. D area believe that the brother died of accident and his heart pop out of him that’s y his got no heart. When his brother was ill he always says that the said “pastor” is the one that wants to kill him but he made the parent believed that the brother is insane. They believed him because he called himself “pastor”.

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