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Nigerian Man arrested in India For Debit Card 'Cloning' and funds withdrawal from victims Accounts.

A Nigerian man identified as Kingsley, has been apprehended by the Indian Police for cloning debit cards of people numbering to 100 and also making withdrawals from their accounts.

The suspect’s way of operation was that he would visit an ATM kiosk that didn’t have a security guard around. He would go inside, rip open the card swiping slot of the machine and place a scanner behind it, a Black tape would hold the device in place.

The victims were reported to have swiped their cards at ATMs in upscale south Delhi colonies, India.

Kingsley would place a camera somewhere on the machine so that its focus would be on the keypad.

Whenever an ATM user swiped his card, the scanner would capture the details while the camera would record the PIN as the customer keyed it in.

Once the customer stepped out, Kingsley would go inside, fetch the card reader and camera, and clone the card with the details. Then he would swipe the cloned card at other ATMs and withdraw money.

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