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Man Skips Work Just To Have Sex With His Wife In Kitwe Region Of Zambia.

THE Boma Local Court has heard how a man of Kitwe absconded work to be home and sleep with his wife several times in a day to meet his deadline of impregnating her within five months of their marriage.

 Before senior local court magistrates Frederick Ndhlovu and Royd Chinda was Kasonde Musebo, 36, who sued Mwape Kabombeka, 40, for divorce on grounds that he left her for another woman.

Musebo told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2011 a few months after they married because her husband would sleep with her several times in a day, saying he wanted a child.

She said Kabombeka claimed he was strong in bed and started complaining when she could not conceive within five months.

Musebo said her husband would even leave work without permission just to sleep with her at home.

“My husband’s se*ual appetite has reached an extent where he dodges from work so that he can sleep with me at home,” she narrated.

She said one day, Kabombeka left the matrimonial home and went to Ndola, where he married another woman because he thought she was barren but after two weeks, she discovered that she was three months pregnant.

Musebo said when she informed Kabombeka that she was pregnant, he refused to take responsibility and instead accused her of having an extra-marital affair.

She asked the court to divorce them because her husband has married another woman.

And Kabombeka told the court he had to marry another woman because he waited for six months for Musebo to get pregnant but to no avail.

He accused his wife of being a drunkard and irresponsible but pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage because he loves her.

However, magistrates Ndhlovu and Chinda granted the couple a free divorce because they both contributed to the breakdown of their marriage.

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